The walking school bus presents:

simbi™, reading in the 21st century


To date, SiMBi™ is used by 10,000 students in Uganda and India to improve reading fluency. 

We're now bringing the technology into North American households and schools to assist local students to improve reading comprehension and “read-for-good” by annotating books for students abroad.


Intrinsic Motivation

SiMBi™ is the only reading technology that motivates students to read through the understanding that their readings are teaching people around the world.

“I love knowing that I can read for 10 minutes and that my voice is teaching people around the world.”
— Ayla Rom; Student in Vancouver, Canada

Automated Literacy Benchmarking

SiMBi™ saves teachers time while providing them with detailed learning analytics. 

“SiMBi captivates and inspires my students to Read Out Loud. I’m able to use these recordings to benchmark and check homework. I’m in love!”
— Jennifer Alprin; Teacher in New York, U.S.A.

2x Literacy Improvement

SiMBi™ improves student literacy by two times the national average in just three months. 

“Using SiMBi really helps. It’s amazing to read and listen and my reading is really improving.”
— Avir Gusho; Student in Putti Village, Uganda

Classrooms around the world use SiMBi™

Which class will you support? Find a classroom, check which content they've requested to have read and start reading today!