Learning Analytics: Now that we have collected big data, let's process it to generate meaningful change. 

Let's understand who uses learning analytics and why?

Nick Sheltrown Discusses how learning analytics provide personalization to education and the many benefits associated with it. 

Candance Thille on Learning Analytics and the transformation of education. hille discusses the science of learning and how teachers, parents, and students alike can benefit from analytics.

Now that we better understand learning analytics and how they work, let's get started on our final activity, in which we process the data so that it is visualized to draw meaningful information and insights. 

You have two options here: 

Option 1: Go to Google Form Data from your own Big Data exercise. 
Option 2: (Suggested): Go to Google Form Data from your SiMBi reading question exercise. 

1. Go to your Google form data or SiMBi form data. 
2. Move the data to google sheets so it can be analyzed HERE.
3. Report any interesting findings in the form below. 

Thank you so much for participating in OER on Reading Out Loud, Reading While Listening, Big Data, and Learning Analytics! 
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