SiMBi for Teachers

Educators love SiMBi. They're able to engage their class, use turn key currculum, and use SiMBi's automated homework monitoring and evaluation. 




Teacher KPI Dashboard: 

  • Each morning, a 1 minute scroll gives you a snapshot of the class. 
  • Check student performance 
  • Auto check how well homework was read using LEX api's





Teachers, Students, and Parents can Objectively track Reading Improvement


Homework is auto marked using Goodness of Fit Algorithms


Deep insights into student performance



Simple, engaging lesson plans made simple.

SiMBi enables teachers to create simple lesson plans that are easy to make, engaging, teacher about Global Stewardship, and mark themselves! 


Features Overview

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Students Read-While-listening which improves fluency by 2X



Reading is gamified and improvements are tracked! 


Students are accountable, Engaged
& Create positive impact! 


Students Receive volunteer hours

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 5.02.28 PM.png

1. Meet Johnny, struggles to connect with reading and is not doing great. 

2. Meet Barbara, struggles to keep Johnny (+ 30 others) motivated. 

3. Meet SiMBi, an interactive platform that improves student literacy and gives teachers time-saving insights

SiMBi Lesson:  to Use SiMBi in the classroom. 


  1. Social Studies teach about education around the world. 
  2. Work with students on an interactive map to select a country they would like to learn about. 
  3. Click country, see stats. 
    1. Click city in country and click on 1 of the many pins which denote that a SiMBi School is their.