Aaron Friedland First Walked A Mile In Their Shoes – Then Created The Walking School Bus

Late for school? No problem, Mom will drive you. Pouring rain and college lecture about to start? Just call Uber for a ride.

“Everyday, over half a million students in Uganda walk over 5 kilometers both to and from school to attain an education. These students walk through some of the most unforgiving terrain in pursuit of higher education. I know because I walked with them,” relates Aaron Friedland, founder and executive director of The Walking School Bus and recently the 2016 winner of The Next Einstein Competition.

Listening to Friedland, some words still inflected with the staccato accent of South Africa, he’s like an astute and profoundly articulate old soul in the guise of a young man.

At only 23-years-old and finishing his Masters dissertation on Economic Development at UBC, his passion for The Walking School Bus is contagious.

His accomplishments are all the more admirable because he admits to struggling with dyslexia throughout his formidable school years.