Sara Parks, McGill Lecturer | Interfaith Advisor

Lecturer Sara Parks is the Director of the McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL) since 2013. She had previously been a student volunteer and intern at this multi-faith chaplaincy in various capacities since 2003, including editing their student spirituality magazine, the "Radix," and facilitating monthly "My Neighbour's Faith" visits to Montreal's sacred sites. As Director, Sara has transformed the space into a relaxation space for stressed-out students, including free tea and apples, an interfaith/wellness library, stations for meditative colouring and light therapy, and mats for prayer and meditation.

Sara received her Master's in Religion (with a focus on New Testament and Christian Origins) in the McGill Faculty of Religious Studies in 2005, and is now nearing the end of her PhD in Early Judaism, with a focus on the history of women in Jewish and Christian antiquity, and the relationships between Judaism, Christianity, and other Greco-Roman religions in the Second-Temple Period. Sara is also trained in Mental Health First Aid and Non-Judgemental Compassionate listening.