Dr. Samson Nashon | Deputy Head & Educator

Dr. Samson Nashon is the current David F. Robitaille Professor of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia. Dr. Nashon is a science educator. His research focuses on ways of teaching and learning. His area of specialization focuses on students’ alternative understandings that have roots in cultural backgrounds and curricula, and are accommodative of students with varying degrees of abilities. His research is dominantly qualitative, borrowing primarily from contemporary theories of constructivism. His most recent research projects include the ongoing Metacognition and Reflective Inquiry (MRI), East African Students’ Ways of Knowing (EASWOK), The Status of Physics 12 in BC, The Nature of Analogies Kenyan Physics Teachers Use, and Students’ Access To Senior Science and Mathematics Courses in Rural BC. Previous studies include, The Role of Practical Work in Science, and The Kind of Science in Kenyan “Harambee Schools. Dr. Nashon is excited to work with TWSB and provide the necessary guidance to meaningfully impact curricula.