TWSB Scholars

The Walking School Bus Scholarship program helps high-potential students with
financial need stay in school on 5-year scholarships. 


Deborah Numba

Deborah goes by the name Boya because when she was younger, her sister could not pronounce her name and called her Boya- it stuck!

Deborah lives in the Nagolo district which means that she has an one hour walk to school each morning. On the way, she sings songs and discusses the upcoming lesson of the day with three friends that journey with her.


Avir Gasho

Avir is a leader at the Jonathan Netanyehu Memorial School where he was selected to be a TWSB scholar based on his remarkable academic performance in English, Mathematics, and Computer studies.

Upon completion of school, Avir would like to study Medicine. Keep making us proud, Avir!



Aaron Madas

Aaron finds his morning routine challenging as his first meal of the day is only after classes. Before he receives food in the late morning, he has already woken up, helped clean around the house, washed his face, packed his school bag, and journeyed to school.

Sometimes he takes transit to school but often there is no money and he has to walk.


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Kasacha Rachel Promise

Rachel’s favourite subjects at school are History and Divinity and she hopes to pursue a University degree in these subjects in the future so that she can teach them to students like herself.

Her strong academic performance and motivated outlook makes her an exemplary TWSB Scholar. Keep up the inspiring work, Rachel!\



Rafael sugulete

During the rainy season, Raphael often travels to school with a fruit in hand and enjoys picking mangoes along the way.

Long treks and financial struggles won’t stop Raphael. We’re proud to have you as a TWSB Scholar.


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Hadija Nambaza Katiga

Each day, Hadija has a two hour journey to school. Hadija would prefer to board at the school, however due to space restrictions there is no room for her.

Hadija’s motivation to reach school every day, and her open-mindedness with her fellow classmates make us proud to have her as a TWSB scholar. We are excited to see your goals come to life as you stay focused in school and spread your positive outlook to your peers!

Betty Karo: The Walking School Bus Scholar

Betty Karo

Prior to the tragic passing of both Betty's parents, Betty lived in Mbale Town with her family, and would walk to school every day.

Despite the adversity Betty has faced, she maintains a positive attitude and commitment to school. We are proud to have you as a TWSB scholar. Keep up the exemplary work, Betty!

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Nachomo Mary

Mary loves going to school because she enjoys being surrounded by good friends and and encouraging teachers. Learning at school each day comforts Mary because she feels that it is a safer environment for her and her friends.



Gilah Namaba

Gilah lives in Nangalo, meaning that her walk to school is over an hour to and from school every day.

Gilah is only 12 years old, and is one of the youngest students at her high school. Gilah was selected by her school's administration to be a scholar due to her strong academic performance and motivation to arrive at school every day. Keep it up, Gilah!


Fahad Kitibo

Fahad is a Muslim and because he is studying at an interfaith school, he has many Christian and Jewish friends.

Fahad is a self-taught computer programmer and excels in many topics at school. His strong academic performance and high achieving goals for himself make him an admirable TWSB Scholar. Keep making us proud, Fahad!


















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Jacob (Yakov) Kesaja

Jacob is a strong student, and more so, a hard working and motivated individual. His gratitude for the simple things in life is exemplified by his deep appreciation for his rubber sandals which get him to school each morning.