Welcome to the “Search for Jugaad”, an initiative started by The Walking School Bus as part of it’s grassroots program to promote education in India.

Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi word that roughly translates as “an innovative fix or an improvised solution born from ingenuity and cleverness.”

“Jugaad Innovation” is very relevant in today’s context of education. It’s about doing more with less, thinking and acting in a flexible manner to promote the cause of education using a strong research based approach.

Working upon this principle, The Walking School Bus brings to India, known worldwide as the nation of innovation, the “Search for Jugaad” contest that is looking for inventive and scalable ideas that can enable communities to face the challenges of education in their own backyard.



Submission & how it works

To learn more about applying to the "Search For Jugaad," competition, winning $1000 USD, Mentoriship and implmenting your idea in the field, please follow the application form below.


"Search for Jugaad" directly relates with TWSB's Think TankExpeditions

 The competition winner will be formally invited to join our Think Tank which was conceptualized to provide university students with the opportunity to meaningfully engage in academic research that mutually benefits their respective areas of academic pursuit while also vertically integrating the research for our organization. 

The competition winner will also be invited to join for our India Expedition in April. The purpose of our expeditions is to mutually benefit volunteers, participatory schools and communities through the implementation of our holistic approach to educational access while also providing volunteers with a unique experience to travel abroad and positively impact their surroundings and themselves.