Solar Power Classroom (SPC)

We've been asked about the inspiration behind the SPC, it’s simple really! Last summer, TWSB tested our reading app - SiMBi through a randomized control trial. The results were spectacular, the app improved student fluency! We realized that the app needed to be readily available throughout the remote villages where we work. As a result, the SPC was created. It’s off grid, solar powered and provides access to our reading app as well as other remarkable educational content! It’s the first time that we’re combining our own software with hardware and the results are remarkable. 


The SPC was deployed in Putti Village, Uganda with the goal to improve student fluency (SiMBi APP), fight computer illiteracy, and provide access to powerful online curriculum such as Khan Academy. The classroom is also solar powered and has a water catchment system.  

Inside the classroom

SiMBi Classrooms come equipped with 16 laptop computers, headphones (for reading and listening simultaneously), a Raspberry Pi computer that provides intranet and enables the computers to navigate 64GB of educational material including Kahn Academy. 

The classroom also has 8 desks which can comfortably accommodate up to 24 students. 


Simbi in use

Avir, an inspiring 16 year old and TWSB scholar reading using SiMBi. Both the teachers and students are enjoying the experience. 
Haruna, Principle of Yonatan Netanyahu Memorial School in Putti Village explained it nicely "Now we're giving the students the education they deserve."

ABout the Simbi Classroom 

The classroom is constructed from a 40' shipping container. The container is durable, easy to maintain,  secure for technology in rural settings, affordable, and the design is scalable. The Classroom generates enough to electricity to be completely off grid and has a water catchment system which enables students to drink right from a faucet outside the container (rather then walking up to 2 kilometres).