The above map depicts walking distances that students across Uganda endure daily to access education. 

The number of students who walk more then 10 km every day to attain an education is frightening.

How far South African students walk:

  • Walking to school is great exercise as long as it is a reasonable distance. Lets consider that an average person walks between 2-3 km per 30 minutes.
  • According to information released by Statistics South Africa in July 2014, eight million children in Grade 1 to Grade 12 walk all the way to school.
  • Two million South African children walk for over 30 minutes to get to school. This means that these children walk more than 6km just going to and from school each day.
  • Over 1 million South African children walk for more than an hour to school, this translates to walking more then 12km everyday to school and back.


How far Ugandan students walk:

  • According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics 6.8 percent of students aged 6-12 did not attend school due to distance from educational infrastructure.
  • 6.5 percent of students aged 6-12 who attend school had to walk more then 5 km to and from school.
  • Regarding high school students aged 13-18, 32.5% had to walk 3-5 kmto and from school. An additional 12-16 percent of high school students had to walk over 5 km to and from school each day (over 10 km daily!) 
  • On average, students had to walk  between 45 – 1 30 minutes to and from school.  This translates to walking  3.6 – 7 km in either direction.

Average Distance to School for Day Scholars in Primary School by Region (%)