Avir Gasho

Avir, age 16, is a student at the Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial School. As an orphan, Avir lives at the school under the guidance of TWSB Uganda Operations Director, Enosh Keki, and his Wife, Shira. Our first encounter with Avir occurred when he volunteered to maintain our chicken coop in Putti Village. Since then, Avir continues to be an inspiring TWSB scholar, proving his potential through his exceptional progress in our SiMBi program.

Avir is a passionate student with a strong desire to learn and succeed. Enosh selected Avir to be a TWSB scholar based on his remarkable academic performance in English, Mathematics, and Computer studies. Upon completion of school, Avir would like to study Medicine. Keep making us proud, Avir!


Boya Numba

Deborah, aka Boya, 16, is a student at Semei Kakungulu High School in form 2. Deborah goes by the name Boya because when she was younger, her sister could not pronounce her name and called her Boya- it stuck! Deborah lives in the Nagolo district which means that she has an one hour walk to school each morning. On the way, she sings songs and discusses the upcoming lesson of the day with three friends that journey with her.

If she knows she will be late for school, she runs part of the way. Deborah says that she was chosen to be a TWSB scholar “because [she] works very hard in class and at school.” When she finishes her studies, she hopes to become a doctor. TWSB hopes that Deborah’s hard work and desire to arrive at school each morning, partnered with financial aid from TWSB, will guarantee Deborah the ability to fulfill her dream.


Aaron Madas

Aaron, 16, is a student at Semei Kakungulu High School. He is currently in Secondary 1. Aaron finds his morning routine challenging as his first meal of the day is only after classes. Before he receives food in the late morning, he has already woken up, helped clean around the house, washed his face, packed his school bag, and journeyed to school. Sometimes he takes transit to school but often there is no money and he has to walk. He takes all his morning lessons and only then is he fed.

Aaron is naturally curious and enjoys learning about the religions of those around him. He is interested in the beliefs of his Muslim and Christian classmates. He feels that SiMBi is the best way for him to gather information in rural Uganda. He was chosen as a TWSB Scholar because of his obvious display of hard work in class. Aaron told TWSB that his parents struggle financially and that not paying tuition for him has removed a huge burden from their shoulders. His favourite subject is science and he hopes to use his love of science to pursue a career as an engineer. TWSB looks forward to watching Aaron develop his passions and interests for different religions and science.  


Kasacha Rachel Promise

Rachel, age 19, is a student at Semei Kakungulu High School in Secondary 5. Although Rachel loves school, the unfortunate passing of her father last year meant that her family would not be able to afford for Rachel to continue with her education. Furthermore, her family’s newfound financial burden prevented her from having a meal for her long journey to school. This year, Rachel became a TWSB scholar based on her academic achievement, and she now boards at the High School. She now receives meals at school, and since her scholarship she has expressed that she is “doing much better.”

Rachel’s favourite subjects at school are History and Divinity and she hopes to pursue a University degree in these subjects in the future so that she can teach them to students like herself. We wish Rachel the best of luck in her educational endeavours and are pleased that our generous donors gave her the opportunity to attain an education. We are proud to have you as a TWSB scholar Rachel.


Rafael Sugulete

Raphael, age 13, has been studying at The Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial school for the past three years. He feels very lucky that he lives at his home with his family unlike many of his schoolmates who are orphans. Although Raphael has the privilege of returning home to his family every day, he still often struggles from a lack of food security. During the rainy season, Raphael often travels to school with a fruit in hand and enjoys picking mangoes along the way.

Unfortunately, in the dry season, Raphael will often go hungry.  Living 5 km from school, Raphael finds the trek incredibly difficult without food. Despite the barriers that Raphael overcomes on a daily basis to receive an education, his desire to learn has developed into a desire to share his knowledge. When he grows up he hopes to become an English teacher. We hope that TWSB will add some much needed relief to Raphael’s already challenging journey to school. We are excited to watch Raphael’s growth benefit his community.

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Hadija Nambaza Katiga

Hadija, age 16, is a student at the Semei Kakungulu High School in Senior 4 and lives at home with her parents in the Nangolo district. Each day, she has a two hour journey to school. Hadija would prefer to board at the school, however due to space restrictions there is no room for her. Every morning, Hadija wakes up at 5 am, bathes, has tea with her mother, and then begins her trek to school. Because of the far walk, she is often late to her classes making her education more of a challenge. Hadija is most interested in courses related the field of science. She excels exceptionally in her math and science classes, making her a top candidate for the TWSB scholarship. Hadija is Muslim and loves studying alongside people of different faiths as she feels that it has opened up her world to new ideas, beliefs, and has increased her tolerance. When she is older, she hopes to become a nurse.

Hadija, we wish you the best of luck with your studies and look forward to accompanying you as you learn, spread your wisdom through your curiosity and openness, and grow from your academic  experiences.

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Betty Karo

Betty Karo, 14, is a student at Semei Kakungulu High School, in Senior 1. Prior to the tragic passing of both her parents, Betty lived in Mbale Town with her family, and would walk to school every day. After the death of her parents, Betty thought she would be unable to continue with her education. With the help of the TWSB scholarship, Betty has been able to continue attending school. She now lives in the dormitories, is provided with food and excels in her classes. Her favourite subject is Biology because she loves learning about living organisms. When she completes her studies, she wants to become a nurse so she can help her community.

Betty’s commitment to school despite the adversity she has faced makes TWSB proud to have her as one of our scholars. We are honoured to be apart of Betty’s remarkable journey and know that she will achieve whatever goal she sets her mind to for the betterment of her community.

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Nachomo Mary

Mary, age 10, is a student at the Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial School in Primary 2. She lives in Putti Village and travels 4 km to and from school each day. Unfortunately, her family’s financial situation means that she must complete her walk to school on an empty stomach.

Mary loves going to school because she enjoys being surrounded by good friends and and encouraging teachers. Learning at school each day comforts Mary because she feels that it is a safer environment for her and enjoys the school lunch.

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Gilah Namaba

Gilah, age 12, is an exceptionally bright student already studying at Semei Kakungulu High School in Senior 1. Gilah lives in Nangalo, meaning that her walk to school is over an hour to and from school every day. Each morning, Gilah wakes up and goes to the garden to dig for Cassava root. On her way to school she eats the Cassava because eating before classes gives her the much needed boost to focus on her learning.

When she graduates, Gilah plans to be an accountant. With her impressive achievements in Mathematics class, we think this is one of the many notable things she could do after school. TWSB is very proud of Gilah- her positive outlook, her academic excellence, and her confidence as one of the youngest students in her high school make her an exemplary scholar!

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Kitibo Fahad

Fahad, age 16, is a student at the Semei Kakungulu High School in Senior 4. Fahad’s exceptional academic performance made him the right candidate for a TWSB scholarship and now dorms at the school. Before this, Fahad did not have a place to call home. Fahad is a Muslim and because he is studying at an interfaith school, he has many Christian and Jewish friends. He enjoys discussing the various aspects of religion he learns at school with his friends.

He is a self taught programmer and enjoys coding in ‘PHP’ and ‘BASIC’ programming languages. Upon completion of high school, Fahad hopes to become a Computer Programmer. We wish Fahad the best of luck and are proud to be accompanying him on his academic journey.

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Jacob (Yakov) Kasaja

Jacob, age 19, is a student at the Semei Kakungulu High School in Senior 2. Interacting with Jacob is a humbling experience as he shows an extreme amount of gratitude for many of the simple things in life. Jacob expressed deep thanks to TWSB for selecting him as a scholar despite his status as a senior student.

Jacob thinks that his continuous hard work over the years nominated him to be a TWSB scholar, which only motivates him to work even harder. Every morning, Jacob walks over an hour to arrive at school, expressing a deep appreciation for his sandals that allow him to succeed in his journey. His favourite subject at school is Mathematics and his goal is to pursue a degree in engineering upon his completion of high school. TWSB is proud of Jacob’s commitment to his education and we look forward to watching him achieve great things through our scholarship program.

Jack Taunton BMO Sun Run

Dr. Jack Taunton | Co-Founder, The BMO Marathon

“I have been through a lot now. I was born with a cardiac condition that required open heart surgery in 2000, got polio when I was 5, got hit by a car when I was 15, and have had 7 major spine surgeries. Despite that, I have finished 63 marathons, completed half in under 2.5 hrs, co-founded The BMO Marathon, Seawall race and The Vancouver Sun Run, went to 8 Olympic Games as a medical officer, and have ran a total of 120,000 miles. In July I think I will retire, but first I need to leave my legacy. I will leave strength, conditioning, and imaging equipment to build a gym and rehab area on the roof of the new Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre at UBC. I will use events to raise money, just like the Walking School Bus. I’ve done this before by raising enough money to treat over 120 Ugandan athletes. I think its tremendous to use marathons as a means to fundraise, it is a win win for everyone. There can’t be a better opportunity, and only you can decide to take it.”


Kevin Brooks

"I would probably think the same as anyone else, why did this guy just agree to run a marathon? I'm the kind of guy that says yes and then figures out how to make it work. It comes from my accident that suddenly left me paralyzed. My entire life changed and I was lost. My goal was to do everything I used to, drive, get on the beach, go to concerts, and run. I learned it’s just a matter of adapting and not giving up. I know the marathon is going to be hard but I’m not worried about it, I’m stubborn, if I say I’m doing something, I’m going to do it. My butt will get sore, my arms will be wrecked but I will pound through it. If things get tough I will remember it’s for the kids in Uganda who cannot access their basic education. Just like no one gave up on me I will support them and help them figure out a way to make it work.”
(Photo cred: Ori Nevares Photography)