Uganda Day 4

This morning we all slept in and had a leisurely morning. Most of us had laundry to do which took a considerable amount of time. The guest house has one pail and it takes approximately 3 minutes to fill with cold water. Wash, rinse, rinse, hang. One person at a time. There was something so serene and peaceful about starting the day in such a basic way. We all hung our laundry outside together, taking in the breathtaking scenery around us. We talked and laughed and chased the chickens that were not afraid to approach us. 

Late morning, we went into the market in the town of Mbale. The market was jam-packed with fruits, vegetables, meat (I wish I hadn't seen or smelled!). There were people everywhere. Upstairs, they were selling clothing and fabrics. We definitely stand out here and the local people like to touch us and take pictures with us. They are a friendly and warm community. We had some business to take care of: buying chicken wire and materials for the chicken coop we'll be gifting a village on Tuesday. In addition, our illustrator needed fabric to help illustrate our book when she goes back to work with the students on Monday. 

Late afternoon, we hiked around our village. We visited Semei Kungulu's grave - the founder of Judaism in Uganda and walked around high up in the mountain overlooking the breathtaking land. Along the way, we walked with cows, chickens, goats. And, of course, children - they are always with us. 

DSCF2425 (1).jpg

It was a busy day. We had some running water, some power, and some wifi. Most important, we got more bottled water. We talked about our "new necessities" tonight and all agreed that drinking water was at the top of our list. Crazy how quickly perspective changes. 

We ended the night recording books with our new app for our reading program. 

It was a beautiful day of new friendships and new priorities.


TWSB Team, 

Written By: Leonard Timsit and Michelle Gilman