Uganda Day 12

Today we woke at 6 am in the simple elegance of our thatch roof huts.

We gathered for breakfast under a full moon and ate delicious Spanish omelets while sipping locally grown coffee.

Astro Photography shortly before breakfast.

Astro Photography shortly before breakfast.

Shortly after, the group set out for a day of hiking and exploration. Our morning safari ended at the banks of the Nile River. From there, we spotted: giraffe, elephant, water buffalo, a variety of monkeys, hippos and crocodiles! Following our morning Safari, we all boarded a barge and crossed the Nile.

Across the Nile, we continued to Murchison Falls where we hiked above the rapids and were able to enjoy the mist swelling upwards.

Our Safari came to a wonderful end at 7PM when we stumbled upon a pride of Lions and enjoyed each others company until sunset. 

As the sun started to dip behind the majestic African horizon, I found myself thinking how incredibly lucky I was to have had experienced today and to have shared it with such a remarkable group of people. 

Eli, Michelle, Samantha, Lainie, Ally, Lynne, Shirley, Leo, Dan, Ruchi, and Sukriti. Thank you for making this first expedition the most productive and meaningful trip I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for believing in The Walking School Bus and helping make our vision a reality. Thank you for your passion, care and willingness to help out wherever needed. It was a privilege to spend the last 2 weeks with all of you.

25 hours of air travel. 11-hour bus rides. 12 enthusiasts. 7 countries.

That is what it took to get the wheels of The Walking School Bus rolling. 


Written By: Aaron