Expeditions: Finding Meaning Through Impact

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Last year’s Uganda Expedition was a 10-day journey to remember. Looking back, attempting to pinpoint the most meaningful aspect of the trip is a difficult feat…

Was it when we were bonding with students from Yonatan Netanyahu Memorial School?

Or having a soccer tournament with students from Semei Kakungulu High School?

Perhaps, when we were working alongside local builders and community members to construct our solar powered  classrooms? 


Was it gifting our first school bus to students from Hadassa and Semei Kakungulu?

How about when our fluency-testers were working with teachers and students to better understand the impact of our reading program as well as implementation through the solar power classrooms?


Maybe in the construction and preparation of our community gardens? What about the installation of the chicken coops to add nourishment to our communities?

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We noticed one consistent theme among these various projects.


We worked with local communities to not only create a positive impact but also to establish mechanisms that can be sustained by the communities themselves.

Our work is inspired and led by our Think Tank, a team of talented researchers committed to improving access to education through our three-pronged approach to transportation, nutrition, and curriculum. Because making an impact isn’t just about the building of a classroom or adding a water catchment system.

We make an impact by carefully applying our projects with guidance from our researchers, and then assessing their usage and implementation over time in collaboration with our communities. In collaboration, we ensure that we maximize impact by working alongside community members to research, understand, and implement our holistic and research-based approach.

It was seeing this impact that was the most meaningful aspect of the trip.

In preparation for our upcoming Uganda and India Expeditions, we continue to apply the same philosophy in anticipation of an impactful journey ahead! We are looking forward to reuniting with our friends and evaluating the progression of last year’s project implementations. We are also very excited to implement some new research-based solutions in more communities.

The growth of The Walking School Bus over the last year has been truly remarkable. From the expansion of our projects in India to the growth of our team in Vancouver, and to the response from our communities in Uganda. These successes provide the motivation to continue growing and expanding, and especially to continue making an impact with our research. We’re excited about what’s in store!

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