March 2017: Day 5 & 6

We have had an incredible weekend. Saturday was a day off. We went on a beautiful hike on the slopes of Mt. Elgin to Sipi Falls. We hiked the falls and walked through the lush rich coffee plantations. The views from the top of the mountain were spectacular. We enjoyed seeing the country side and taking a much needed day off to talk and reflect upon the work we have been doing.

This morning (Sunday) we retuned to Putti Village. The progress on the reading room is unbelievable. The windows were cut and welded, and the solar panels went up on the roof. It is a beautiful sight to behold. 

The team that has been working on the library completed the room today. We carried 6 duffel bags full of books and school supplies and sorted and loaded the shelves. The Putti teachers and staff were blown away by the amount of materials be brought. While I was unloading supplies, one of the teachers asked me what the pencil sharpener was. I took a new pencil and showed her how to sharpen it. She had never seen anything quite like it and quickly went to get the other teachers so I could show them. The same happened with the glue sticks. It's hard to imagine things so basic and items we take for granted are so rare and special here. Additionally, we stocked the shelves with educational resources and text books. What an incredible accomplishment for our team. 

We brought a few computers with us and began to teach the teachers how to use the reading app. It was quite an overwhelming moment to see the app working in Putti Village after a year of testing, writing and building the app. To see it in use in a village like Putti is nothing short of remarkable. Tomorrow we will bring the remaining computers and load up the classroom. The tables and chairs have been built and tomorrow we will load up the container and make it look like a classroom inside!! The anticipation felt by us all is mounting. 

Tonight is our last night as a group as 6 people are leaving tomorrow after we finish our work and heading off on safari. It is a mix of emotions for us all. We came and accomplished so much in a short time. We laughed and worked and will forever be friends for the experience we shared. 

Until tomorrow...