July 2017: Day 1 & 2

Our team arrived in Entebbe on Wednesday. The remarkable group of  Educators, Economists, Agriculturalists, Researchers, and Photographers journeyed to the guest house at Nabagoye Village, our home for the following 10 days! 

Following a 5-hour bus ride led by a police entourage (we felt like celebrities), we arrived at the guest house and settled in for the night. 

The following morning, Rachel and her daughter Halima, the guest house chefs served us the world's best omelets (we're not biased :)) and Aaron, TWSB's Executive Director led an orientation session and discussed the various responsibilities for the trip. 

After the meeting, we visited one of the incredible schools we work with: Semei Kakungulu High School and had a chance to bond and work with the students.

Later, we ventured into Mbale Town, the closest main city to Nabagoye. We explored the vibrant market place and purchased supplies from the supermarket.

The day came to a close with a beautiful sunset followed by thunder and lighting!
It was a lovely day learning the lay of the land and working with our partnered beneficiaries! We are looking forward to implementing our projects!

The team represents an incredible, diverse group of change makers and they’re roles are showcased below: 

  • Micah and Eli, from Vancouver, are conducting reading fluency tests to ensure that the SiMBi app is fulfilling its purpose.
  • Michael, our photographer from Hunter Valley (two hours North of Sydney, Australia), joined us in collaboration with Photographers Without Borders (PWB) and has been taking stunning photos, which will be featured on Facebook and the TWSB blog.
  • Sarah, a UBC Economics Student from California has joined us to monitor and evaluate the chicken coops that TWSB implemented on previous trips.
  • Liz has joined us from Montreal where she is a McGill student. Her role on the trip is to help implement a CSA (community supported agriculture) Garden.
  • Elliott, joining us from Vancouver, is working with locals from Putti Village to build the classrooms.
  • Aaron, from Vancouver, is leading the team and guiding us to ensure that our projects are successful.


Day 2

On Friday morning, we happily awoke to the sound of cows and chickens and set off for Putti Village.  

Upon arrival, our team met with the communities leadership and teachers to discuss the projects for the upcoming week. 

We quickly got to work mixing cement for the new brick classroom we are building with assistance from local builders and community members. It was incredible to see how much of the classroom was completed in only a few hours and to be apart of the process! 

Understanding that in the near future, the children from Yonatan Netanyahu Memorial School in Putti Village will be learning in this classroom made the challenging work much easier and far more rewarding. Especially after seeing 3 full classes of students studying outdoors and the constant distraction the students and teachers endure. 

  • Sarah, who is monitoring and evaluating the chicken coops, interviewed the Putti Village leaders in order to understand its current condition, impact, and potential to generate revenue for the community. 
  • Liz, who is working on the CSA garden worked with students in Primary 6 (grade 6) to implement a more sustainable agricultural system. Working with the P6 students, they cleared and weeded the land. 
  • Micah and Eli worked diligently testing student fluency to understand the impact of SiMBi.
  • Michael continued to capture the remarkable communities we work with in order to amplify there     stories. 
  • Elliott and Aaron worked on a few projects including classroom construction and helping to    prepare the garden.   

It was a productive and rewarding day that segwayed into a beautiful Friday Night service with the Abayudaya Jewish Community.