July 2017: Day 4

Today, we continued classroom construction and set up the Yonatan Netanyahu Memorial School CSA garden. It was special to see how much was accomplished in such a short period of time.

The day started with a few obstacles but spirits remained high. The rains made it extremely difficult to drive on the muddy roads. However,  rather than being irritated by having to get out and push our bus when it got stuck in the mud, we laughed throughout and had an absolute blast! 

After purchasing supplies in Mbale Town, the team headed to Putti Village to continue with our projects. 

Liz began the construction of a compost for the CSA Garden while Sarah shoveled rocks out of the garden and spoke with locals about the chicken coop and how best improve it.

Michael and Aaron interviewed the new bus driver for the bus that TWSB is gifting in the coming days.

Micah and Aaron learned the local way of brick tossing and carried bricks to Elliot and Eli who laid and cemented them. 

The day at Putti came to a close with some incredible timing. The youth at Putti called Aaron aside and asked for a soccer ball. By chance, Elliott had bought them a new one earlier that same day and we all had the privilege of watching as they opened their gift and put it to use.