July 2017: Day 7

Today was an early morning. We woke up at 6 am. to experience one of the defining moments that inspired Aaron to create TWSB - students journeying to school.  

One of the sources of inspiration for the founding of TWSB was when Aaron experienced students journeying to school. Many of them walk up to 8 km and when they arrive at school there is often no food. As we drove in the new bus, we passed hundreds of children gripping pens and pencils in hand.

Today, something truly remarkable occurred. 
While watching the myriad walks of life journey to school, Aaron spotted one of the teachers, John, from Yonatan Netanyahu Memorial School. John has one leg (his right leg) and was walking on broken crutches. We stopped the bus and offered John a ride to school. While driving to school, he told us that the 4km's takes him over an hour each way and it was incredible to understand that our work will ensure John is better able to access school (Johns story has a truly surprising ending that we will be sharing in a follow-up post.)  

When we arrived at Putti Village, we got to work immediately. Micah, Elliot, and Eli spent the first 3 hours collecting bricks and mixing cement so that they could construct the base of a water catchment system.

Liz, Sarah, and Micah each taught classes to the children and interviewed many inspirational residents of Putti Village.
Michael took hundreds of pictures and conducted and filmed countless interviews as well.

As we were getting ready to leave Putti, John approached Aaron and explained that he appreciated the offer to always have a spot on the TWSB bus but he did not want to take any spots away from students and wondered if TWSB could purchase him a bicycle. 
Initially, Aaron and the team were confused but John explained that with one leg, he was able to ride a bicycle. He ended up borrowing a bicycle to demonstrate and even gave Aaron a ride!  The team decided that they would work to purchase John a bicycle.

It was a truly special day that showed us the importance and impact of our work and the team left Putti in incredibly high spirits.