July 2017: Day 8

Today was by far the most rewarding and emotional day on this expedition! It will stand out as a vivid memory for our whole team and communities we work with for years to come.

The morning started with the team taking a 15-minute stroll from the guest house to Hadassah Primary School, one of our participating schools who will be benefiting from the school bus.
An automobile painter met us at the school were he expertly free hand painted TWSB logo onto the bus as well as the names of the three recipient schools.

The children were overwhelmed, as where we, and they serenaded us in gratitude in both English and one of the local dialects. Hadassah's music program came in 15th place out of 15,000 schools in Uganda and the performance they put on for us, complete with a dance and warrior costumes and headdresses was more moving than any Broadway production. We all joined together and danced around the bus, grateful for the benefits it will provide. 

Sadat, the head of technology at the school gave a moving speech about the importance of education and how literacy starts from the teachers. He thanked Aaron and TWSB for providing a robust online library through the gifting of SiMBi and access to an abundance of knowledge through the gifting of an application called Rachel that is loaded onto our Raspberry Pi intranet systems.

Following the gifting of the bus, we went straight to Mbale, a nearby city and bought a bicycle for John. The team then gifted this bicycle to John (Yonatan Netanyahu Memorial School's Math Teacher). All of us, John included, were overcome with emotion as we understood the positive impact this bicycle would have. John hopped on the bicycle, expertly rode it around, then came back to the group, hopped off the bike, and picked it up above his head! 

The aim of TWSB is to empower access, and today was all about providing it and understanding its importance. Giving the bus was an incredible experience that will help an entire community and giving John his bicycle will notably change his life. It was a special day.

Today marks the last of our working days in Uganda and we have had a truly incredible experience. We're already coordinating upcoming projects and trips with our Uganda team and we cannot wait for our upcoming expeditions.