India Expedition: Day 4 - April 7th, 2018

Today was incredible! While we were saddened to say goodbye to three of our astounding team mates: Dan, Sonja, and Philli; we were overjoyed to welcome Sneha, Shruti, Nishit, Varsha, Pavithra, and Kush to the group. 

At HPS Suyalgarh, Tushar, clicked (as they say in India) photos with his camera, capturing the raw and real moments of the school community. He involved the students and taught them to say “GoPro take a photo.”   

We accomplished a great deal today in the Solar Power Classroom. Sukriti and Aaron were tenacious in working with the locals to install the roofing and the solar panels to power the technology within the classroom. Kishan set up the Raspberry Pi intranet systems on the computers. These systems are equipped with an abundance of educational material for students and teachers, including modules designed by Kishan and Ishita. 


The students were immediately curious and could not resist peaking their heads in to see what was going on. We were happy to share this experience with the students. They definitely beat us in the smiling competition.

Although the heavy down pouring rain required our team to adjust our afternoon plans, we were thankful to retreat to the guest house, bond as a group, and you guessed it, drink masala chai.