India Exedition: Day 8 - April 11th, 2018

Today marked our last day with the two Himalaya Public School branches, Suyalgarh and Chopra. Through transportation, nutrition, and curriculum, TWSB aims to empower educational attainment. And today was all about understanding the importance of our projects.

There could not have been a more benefitting conclusion to this Expedition than the compilation of student’s artwork into a book, soon to be published by Pratham Books in collaboration with The Walking School Bus. This will be one of three children’s books highlighting stories of students accessing education around the world.

Our work came to an end with a beautiful and emotional farewell as we joined the school community in Brijmohanji’s home for one last goodbye. Teachers delivered speeches in Hindi and Danesh, the headmaster, shared his sincere gratitude and appreciation for the furnished solar-powered classroom and water catchment systems we collectively constructed. There was not a dry eye in the room as he spoke.

Following the celebration, the team traveled to the guest house to collect belongings and thanked Manoj and his team for their gift of hospitality. We then departed for Bhimtal, a town nestled in the hills and famous for its picturesque lake. 

We concluded our final evening together reminiscing, dancing, and laughing with the lake in our view. 

This rewarding day will stand out among our many memories.