India Expedition: Day 1 - April 4th, 2018

Let the 2018 April India Expedition begin!

We awoke early in Delhi to ensure our team would arrive in time for the 6 AM train heading northbound towards Kathgodam, Uttarakhand. The experience allowed our team a dynamic opportunity to think on our feet and really work together for the first time to navigate the station’s fast-paced environment. Looking out the window, we witnessed the landscape’s changing scenery. On the train, our team prepared for the literacy pretests, the baseline data necessary for our research. 

After six hours, we arrived in Kathgodam, loaded our bags and supplies onto the top of the bus, and began our journey into the beautiful and breathtaking hills. We, of course, stopped for a chai break along the way and tasted one of Uttarakhand’s favourite foods, Maggi, a noodle dish rich in local spices. Coincidentally, our bus passed the shipping container that will house the SiMBi solar powered classroom. This was by far a highlight. 


After three hours of windy, mountainous roads, our team arrived to the Guest House where we were greeted by Manoj and his team. Their warm welcomes and delicious meal have made us feel right at home. 

We ended the night in celebration of Sukriti’s birthday and reminisced about our long yet successful travel. We sat around the fire place, sipped masala chai, and went to bed in excitement for the following day’s projects to begin.