India Expedition: Day 6 - July 11, 2018

Today was another remarkable day at HPS.

We were excited to complete the data collection of our literacy benchmarking with our students, headed by Stephanie Markovich. This is an exceptional achievement as we compile this data to meaningfully assess the pact of SiMBi on HPS students' literacy, among ages and grades.


We continued work on the Solar Power Classroom, outfitting it to best make use of the space for productive learning and literacy development. Micah Stern, our Elementary Education expert, implemented English and French lesson plans created by our Paris-based Curriculum Coordinator and Loran Scholar, Alex Gillis. Our new lesson plans cover topics ranging from pre-human history to chemistry and ensure that students enjoy informative and engaging classroom time. Empowering access to education wouldn't be possible without RACHEL, our curriculum program operated through Raspberry Pi technology.


Throughout the afternoon we also enjoyed playing with the students during their recess time. Always a pleasure to relax and play with the students after working so closely with them in the classroom.





As well, Sukriti led a polaroid camera activity with the students. We had a lot of fun watching the students' reaction to their photos. They had the chance to take their photos home and share with their family and friends!


Meanwhile, we completed the arts and crafts exercises with the students. The students had the opportunity to create postcards and notebooks from their art, and had a great time using their new school supplies with Ruchi Shah's expert guidance.


Another fantastic day at HPS as we work on wrapping up our research and development on the ground!

The team ended the day at nearby cafe and lookout point of the beautiful Himalayan landscape in Mukteshwar.