India Expedition: Day 7 - July 12, 2018

Today started with a bang with the pouring and beautiful rain so representative of the season in Northern India! A nice reminder of the essential water supply that creates the mind bendingly beautiful landscape in Uttarakhand!

Today Aaron and Stephanie led the teachers in an exercise in the Solar Power classroom. We worked on SiMBi demonstrations and helped outline some of the potential lesson plans where their existing syllabus can be merged with TWSBs SiMBi and RACHEL curriculum.



Researcher Nick interviewed Danesh, the school headmaster. The goal of this meeting was to work on and determine an economic model through a school bus model that best meets the needs of HPS, its current financial standing, and its future goals.

From there, we completed some essential elements of the Water catchment installation. The goal of integrating the filtration system, sonar power data collection, and water catchment itself is an important collective that must work seamlessly to ensure proper and safe water (and data!) collection.

From there, the team returned to the guest house for lunch. After this we had the opportunity to meet with Leaders from Arohi school in Uttarakhand.

In collaboration with teachers and students, we demonstrated our technology and discussed the future potential of using and implementing our SiMBi and curriculum technology across the schools Arohi supports in the region. This is an exciting development as we continue expanding our projects in India!

We called it a day with a smile on our faces as we headed to bed knowing we had one more impactful day ahead with HPS to wrap up our projects and say goodbye after an enlightening trip!