India Expedition: Day 8 - July 13, 2018

Our final day of the expedition started again with the beautiful and temperamental weather of Uttarakhand!

Upon arrival at HPS, Ruchi and Carly completed all the art related work with the students. It was a pleasure seeing the beautiful work, as well as knowing that so much of the art created by the students will be compiled and used in a storybook about HPS and TWSB!


Researcher Nick sat down with Aaron and Sukriti to discuss his findings from his research on the ground. This was an opportunity to discuss the feasibility and determine the best methods of achieving an ambitious goal of establishing a school bus model with HPS in the Suyalgarh region.

Our Elementary Education lead Micah completed the compilation of lesson 1 for Mathematics, consolidating the HPS curriculum with the available curriculum on our 64GB Raspberry Pi. This will be extremely helpful as the HPS teachers work to experiment and expand their teaching methods with such a resourceful tool on site.

Today was our chance to finalize and fully equip the Solar Power classroom at HPS Suyalgarh. We mounted a projector screen and completed the 2nd Water Catchment system on campus! All set with data collection and safe filtering technology- very exciting and a tremendous enhancement for HPS!

We held a remarkable SiMBi classroom session with some of the younger students to introduce them to our literacy program. The students had an incredible time using the computers and playing and learning through the technology and program!


Finally, we ended the day at HPS with a closing assembly with the students. The Suyalgarh students sang a beautiful goodbye and thank you song, the new TWSB scholars made meaningful speeches and there was a wonderful feeling unity and impact in the air! Truly beautiful and inspiring.

We finished our time at HPS with school owner Brig Mohanji, where he brought us down to his apple orchard and showed us his impressive production. As a generous thank you, Brig Mohanji offered us a massive box of apples! Quite delicious!

The team completed our day at the river view where we've had so many of our lunches after our days at HPS this week. It was a time to collect ourselves and reflect on the impact we created alongside the community at HPS Suyalgarh. We spoke about the many anecdotes and conversations we had with the students, teachers and leaders. We discussed the projects we started and finished, and the data we have collected to continue our important work with our researchers back home.

We can look back at this remarkable trip, remembering the massive impact that TWSB and HPS Suyalgarh will feel and remember for years to come. We are so excited for what's to come! Stay tuned!