India Expedition: Day 1 - July 6, 2018

14.5 hour flight to New Delhi
(A break for food and regroup in New Delhi)
6.5 hour train ride to Uttarakhand
3 hour bus ride to our guest house in

Loading the bus for the road up to Uttarakhand!
Team and supplies pre-train

You know something is special about a trip when 11 people keep on a smile throughout that entire journey, lugging supplies, books, materials, (not to mention our personal luggage). Of course it helps to indulge in the fantastical flavours of new Delhi food and drink, as well as the the mind-bending scenery and unique sites as we traverse through Northern India toward the Himalayas. Our long journey up to Uttarakhand reaffirmed our purpose as we saw dozens of students walking on their way to and from school in their uniforms

5 researchers

3 editors and storytellers

1 professional Artist

2 teachers and literacy data collected

Team on a break mid-route

Our small but talented team arrived at our guest house in Uttarakhand, 30 minutes from the Himalayan public school which we will visit on Day 2 to begin our collaboration with the heads of school, teachers, and students.



You can feel the excitement in mountain air. We are surrounded by beauty near the Himalayas, and our Indian experience so far has only been one of wonder, taste, and comradery between our budding group and the locals we have met along the way.

Keeping the smiles going!


We are looking forward to what Day 2 brings. Stay tuned!