The Problem

Globally, thousands of NGO's tackle myriad problems aimed at improving student education. However, holistic understanding and solutions are often not applied which inefficiently solves the problems they have set out to address. We aim to change this problem by employing a unique, 3 pronged, holistic solution which addresses: Access, Nutrition, and Curriculum. Through this approach "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts."

Acces to Education

Today, over 60 million primary school-aged children are not in school. Of those, 25.6 million are not in school due to distance as a barrier to education.


Of the 66 million primary school children who attend classes hungry every day, 23 million are in Africa.

Literacy and Curriculum

According to UNESCO, globally, 780 Million Youth and Adults still cannot read and write and 250 million children are failing to acquire basic literacy skills. This failure negatively impacts literacy, the number one predictor of academic success.


The Solution

We empower educational attainment through mutually beneficial partnerships that promote our holistic research based approach of: Access, Nutrition, and Curriculum.


Our Think Tank was conceptualized to provide university students with the opportunity to meaningfully engage in academic research that mutually benefits their respective areas of academic pursuit while also vertically integrating the research for our organization.

Our Model

Our three-pronged approach ensures that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  1. Transportation: Sponsor Scholars and provide School Buses
  2. Nutrition: Chicken Coops, Water Catchment and CSA Gardens.
  3. Curriculum: Solar Powered Classrooms

Implement / M&E

Once our projects are implemented, they are monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

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Our Models Impact: Transportation, Nutrition, Curriculum

This three-prong approach of Transportation, Nutrition, and Curriculum helps students get to school, ensures they’re well fed, and improves their curriculum.


Impact: Access

Our Access initiative has two key components: 1. Helping students get to school through transportation infrastructure (school buses) which also generate funds for the communities they support. 2. Sponsoring TWSB Scholars. These scholars are chosen following two criterion; high academic achievers who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. This way, we ensure the greatest ROI with our scholar's education.

Impact: Nutrition

Our nutrition program focuses on three areas: Water Catchment Systems, CSA Gardens, and Chicken Coos. Through this model, we're able to provide small, self-sustaining investments that improve overall nutrition.


Impact: Curriculum

Our curriculum program is geared towards improving student literacy, the number one predictor of academic success. We use a variety of novel methods which include leveraging a reading app called SiMBi, distributing our own intranet systems that provide access to educational resources, and building off-grid classrooms that utilize the aforementioned technologies.


Cost of Project Infrastructure per TWSB Community

The costs below reflect The Walking School Bus hard cost of implementing our 3-pronged approach in each TWSB community. 

Access | Scholars

$15,000 | $5000 = $20,000

Access Initiative: Transportation and Scholars

Nutriton: H20 | Coop | CSA

$1000 | $2000 | $1000 = $4000

Nutrition Initiative: H20, CSA GArden, and Coops



Solar Power Classroom

Total Cost for Holistic Development =$49,000 USD


Growth Model: 2020

Our growth model focused on scaling impact by generating more research, furthering community development and increasing the number of TWSB Expeditions.


Community Development



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